A Review on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

review lucky patcher

review lucky patcher

Do you need unbiased Review Lucky Patcher you have come to the right place. Majority of us have heard of the wonder that is Lucky Patcher. But not all of us actually have the gut to give it a try for fear of ruining our device. We may not like the constant advertisement, we may want to play games for free. But is Lucky Patcher safe? Will it damage the system of our device?

Before talking about the pros and cons of Lucky Patcher, let’s talk about the features in the 6.3.5 version:

  • Lucky Patcher of this latest version has the ability to modify all application without rooting the device first.
  • The latest version offers ease of use, and allows customizable patches.
  • You may now remove Google advertisements within the application.
  • You may now completely bypass any sort of verification within premium application.
  • No rooting required.

The advantages of using Lucky Patcher’s latest version

Let’s face it, it’s the myriad of advantages that make us want to give it a try. Our Review Lucky Patcher have established the safety of this application. But if you need more reasons to convince of the need of having it in your arsenal, here is a list of advantages.

  • The 6.3.5 version is compatible for most handheld devices.
  • It can be operated right after having it downloaded.
  • Lightweight and will not take up so much space in your storage.
  • Actually works at getting rid of advertisements and license verifications.

Known disadvantages

With so many advantages, there comes disadvantages. While this doesn’t often happen, a handful of people complained that the application didn’t work for them. Upon further inspection, it was found that the problem didn’t lie in Lucky Patcher 6.3.5 version. But rather in some of the applications they wished to modify. Yes, some applications don’t allow their system modified and it’s something Lucky Patcher is still working on. Despite this issue, we at Review Lucky Patcher would still recommend.

Note for Lucky Patcher APK:

To install lucky patcher in your Android device, you don’t need root access. But to get all the features of Lucky Patcher you will need to root your device. Rooting tutorials can be found on youtube or other sites. You can backup your application with the lucky patcher without root access. So we strongly recommend you to rooted devices so you can get all the features of our applications.


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